Monday, December 29, 2008

Freddie Jones - Scooby Doo Man of Mystery!

Fred Jones, nicknamed "Freddie" by Scooby and the Gang (Daphne, Shaggy and Velma) has a lot more tricks up his obviously non-existent sleeves!!! He's not just all brain. And, who says an ascot can't be hot!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Travis Tucker - Christmas Blessings from Washington, DC

This morning, I discovered a local talent, Travis Tucker on the news singing Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas." I admit it. I didn't know who he was, but he sang beautifully. He was full of personality and spirit. It didn't hurt that he was indeed beautiful. I looked him up and came across some beautiful photos and music on his Myspace page. He was apparently in the fourth season of American Idol. I don't watch Idol. I tried it once. But, once I realized that the career fates of Idol contestants weren't based on actual talent, but the popularity and the ability of a clueless teenage girls to hit re-dial several times on thier phone, I completely lost interest. Travis Tucker was on season 4 ---- and a DC Metropolitan resident!!! Manasas, Virginia. (Manasas isn't that close, but still --- Manasas folks are still considered DC folks!!!) He put out an album on iTunes called "Live" and ---- let's face it ... he's fine. Shout out to Travis. Merry Christmas. His song and blessing were a nice thing to wake up to this morning after I decided not to go to work. (Yes, I'm one of those last minute people.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In the only good way. I know it's cold outside, but they make me feel warm.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Watchers

Hollis and PatrickSupernatural Bounty Hunters

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Watchers: 2009

The Watchers graphic novel is coming in 2009. I've done quite a bit of work on it lately and the story is coming together nicely. Even better, I'm coming up with ideas for additional stories. Hollis and Patrick, the protagonists at the center of the story, mistake one another for the villain. What follows is a brief supernatural battle and a decision that will lead them to an even bigger battle to save the world from evil. Yes, I used the word "evil." And, I don't mean the typical Right Wing evil. I've peppered the story with additional story lines. All of it came about when I sat down to do the script. It actually feels funny doing something other than Black Gay Boy Fantasy. (Issue #24 - "Word Association" has a preview coming soon.) Neil probably has no idea what's going on. Below is a thumbnail of Patrick and Hollis.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Banning Black Canary

When you ask anyone to name a female superhero, most normally start and stop at Wonder Woman. Prod them with "Batgirl." Some will say, "Oh, yeah." Ask them: "How about Supergirl?" They may scratch their head and just go along with it. (Of course, Superman might have a mighty Maid of Might cousin.) "Black Canary?" Cue the crickets. Blank stare. She's not a household name, but the good thing about Black Canary, the leather & fish net stocking wearing martial arts, sonic canary cry screaming heroine is that she is finally coming into her own.

She's been around since 1947. She's always been in the Justice League, home of the hero greats like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Aquaman. (You might recognize them as the Superfriends.) Recently, Black Canary (aka Dinah Lance) exploded onto the scene in the brilliant Justice League Unlimited cartoon. She was in the short lived Birds of Prey tv series on the WB. Now, she's even in the CW's Smallville (played by Alaina Huffman) fighting alongside the young Clark Kent (a gorgeous Tom Welling). In the comic series, Birds of Prey, she was re-developed by DC Comics scribe Gail Simone and actually became a force to be reckoned with. Now, she and her husband, Green Arrow fight side by side in their own monthly book. Then, there's the dolls. Also known as MERCHANDISING!!!! DC Direct put out several action figures. Now, there's a 13 inch multi-articulated, fully clothed doll with interchangeable heads. One screaming. One non-screaming and gorgeous. Oh! Also, with a removable mask. Now, the Tonner Doll company is releasing their very own 16 inch doll, putting her alongside Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Mera.
Finally (cue the trumpets) there's Mattel. Home of Barbie. The leader in all toy-making. Along with Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl, Black Canary was a gorgeous addition in the Barbie line. She was even proudly displayed in their catalog as one of the very first releases. Of all the merchandising, I was most impressed with Mattel. And, I think Mattel was, too. Until ... people (that's what we'll call 'em) started to complain, comment and criticize. People who didn't know Black Canary decided that she was a completely inappropriate toy for a child. First, it's on the Black Label. These dolls are normally priced around $40 for the "adult collector." (Pink Label for the kids. Gold Label for the hardcore collectors.) My e-mail called it a "backorder." Mattel seems afraid to release her. Black Canary, chastised for her leather and fish nets, has been called everything: Prostitute Barbie. Adult Barbie. Streetwalker Barbie. Dominatrix Barbie. Bondage Barbie. S&M Barbie. She's even been labeled "filth." Lighten up, people. It's a doll. If you don't want it, don't get it. Don't make the rest of us suffer because you can't handle a little leather and fish nets in your daily superhero activities. Black Canary saved the world with her sonic canary cry too many times to be punished this way. She's being commemorated. And, Mattel, if you ever want to beat the Bratz dolls (who are kicking your ass right now and you're sore about it), then don't be afraid to be cutting edge. Barbie came onto the scene as a teen fashion model and --- this is fashion.

Let's talk about Teacher Barbie for a second. One day, I was in Toys R Us, doing my usual doll collecting. There was a couple, running up and down the aslie, tilting boxes, looking up Barbie's skirt. Somebody had complained. Teacher Barbie didn't have on underwear. Mattel pulled the doll and gave her painted on underwear. Yes, folks. Teacher Barbie didn't have on underwear. But, let's face facts. Teacher Barbie didn't even have a vagina. Come on. Then, there's the "lingerie line." Bought on by Mattel, a fabulous product called Silkstone (part plastic/part porcelain), helped develop a new fashion model doll series. They're top line dolls. They liken Barbie back to her original years when it was all about fashion. Somebody decided the dolls were vulgar because Barbie was wearing a corset and garter. It's fashion. Barbie was paying homage to it. But, Mattel got scared. They cleaned it up. No more garters, corsets or underwears. (They go for a lot of money on Ebay.) Come on, Mattel. Let's not lose out again.

So ... when I look at the Black Canary doll, all I see is the Black Canary. So ... it might be me. But, I have a sneaking suspicion it's not. My mother? She didn't think it was any different than anything else Barbie put out. So, I asked a few of my fashionable co-workers. One, thought it was hot. Two others? Well ... they hesitated. They decided that Barbie had (a-hem) "come a long way." But, once I explained Black Canary's history and showed them pictures of her ... it was a little different. She may be too much for some people to handle and that's too bad. We need more PROMINENT female superheroes. Black Canary is actually one of them!!! Let her be one!!! What other greater privilege can there be than being recognized by Barbie!!!

I came across an e-mail in which a few observations had been made. No one said anything when Electra was made into a Barbie doll. And, she's an assassin. SHE KILLS PEOPLE. Catwoman came with thigh high leather boots and a whip. Most people recognize her as a villain. The Halle Berry Catwoman came with ripped up leather AND a whip. Poison Ivy apparently had even less clothes on, fish nets AND heels. So, what's the deal? At $40 bucks, would YOU give your child a doll that's going to end up naked and with a new, choppy and completely unfashionable hair cut properly rendered with blunt scissors? Sigh. I just hope Mattel toughens up and manages to put out this doll rather than let a select few who PROBABLY WOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT THE DOLL IN THE FIRST PLACE stop everybody else from having it. We collectors are clamoring for it. And, what's a little controversy? It will make the doll even more alluring. I want that doll! In the meanwhile, Supergirl and Batgirl are on my drawing table. They're waiting for her. They can't figure out what the hold up is. And, neither can I.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama - President

Our new President. The world is going to change for the better.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Glory of the 80s

It was a Tori Amos song on "To Venus and Back." It was a wretched, wretched period in the world of fashion. It spawned a number of endless series for VH1 top 100 this or top 100 that. Big Prince hair. Hoop earrings. Ruffled, billowy shirts. Leather pants. High top fades. Sometimes permed. (Guilty!!!) Paisley shirts. Jeweled broaches. Khaki, pleated, and sometimes oddly colored pants. Burgundy or army green. (Sigh. Guilty again.) Burgundy hair. "A-symetric" hair styles covering one eye. Big, fat "Dookie Gold" earrings. Remember the Black Mickey Mouse in the ghetto wear? (Maybe it was just a D.C. thing.) Ripped sweat shirts and leather skirts. Big pumps. Michael Jackson leather jackets with tons of zippers. Parachute pants and wet, wet, dripping wet jheri curls. The 80s? Not fashions greatest in history.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brunching with evil

Patrick and Hollis, characters from my newest project, The Watchers, happen to show up in an issue of BGBF. Issue #24 - "Word Association" (tentatively titled). Neil and Rayshaun go out for brunch. I didn't know Patrick and Hollis would show up. But, they did. A comment is made. A dagger is pulled ... Rayshaun is mistaken for evil. You be the judge.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Small Press Expo

The SPX (Small Press Expo) hit Bethesda, Maryland this weekend. (Recognizable point? Washington, DC.) It was also the debut of Rob Kirby and David Kelly's "Book of Boy Trouble - Volume 2." There was so much talent out there I couldn't even focus.
The unofficial gathering of the Juicy Mother crew!!! Rob Kirby, Jennifer Camper, Victor Hodge, Justin Hall, and Dave Hooper.Rob and Jen.
Jen coloring her popular robot and mermaid stickers.
Justin Hall selling Glamazonia, True Travel Tales and Hard To Swallow. Justin!!! I haven't seen anybody work so hard. He's really been pulling the circuit. You have to see what pirates and werewolves have going on in a book that's hard to swallow.
My hanging crew for the entire weekend.Rob, Bill Roundy (another Boy Trouble contributor), Jen and me hanging out in Rockville. Bertucci's. The mall was off the chain!!! What the f---?!? Who knew the suburbs had a night life and a crowded parking lot?!?
This little cutie pie, Hozay (Jose Luis Olivares) was showing off a verrrrry revealing story called "Pup Love."
Liz Baillie, an incredible talent, selling "My Brain Hurts." I got every issue and if you can get your hands on them, they're a must read.
Brett Hopkins, Rob and Jen. Brett is another Boy Trouble alum, featured in both volumes.Jen and Victor!!! Smooches and hugs!!!
Rob and Victor!!! Beers and Apple Martinis!!!
Justin and Victor!!! Wonder Woman and perverts!!!
Victor and Brett!!! So, so glad I got to meet you.